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THE SMART LEADER reveals profound truths about what it takes to be an effective leader within an organizational structure. You will find a contemporary and suspenseful situational narrative introducing each chapter. The storyline of each narrative involves a protagonist who learns some tough lessons about being a leader.

Following each narrative…

Following each narrative is a candid discussion that walks you through the What, Why, How and When associated with the “Skinny Principle”. You will be provided specific actions you can take to address shortcomings in your leadership skills and behavior. This will allow you to gain some reality-based insights and an immediate increase in performance.

Throughout the book…

Throughout the book you will find pertinent quotes by many of the legendary and contemporary “thought leaders” of our time. There’s no way to overestimate the importance of learning from knowledge experts and other leaders.

Praise for their work

“There is nothing better than a good story. Utilizing very relevant stories that you can easily identify with and tying them to highly actionable “Skinny Principles” makes for a great formula. This is a very useful and timely book for all professionals looking to advance their leadership skills.”
— Barbara Cooper, CIO Toyota North America – Retired

"Mr. Cobb has been meticulously working on advancing what is known in the realm of Leadership Development. He is a proven author of several books, a well-known speaker, a leader, and has a genius approach to leadership development. The information that he provides in his latest body of work is “text book worthy” and I highly recommend all colleges/universities/companies adopt this body of work to teach Leadership Development"
— Jonathan Hebert, M. Eng, PMP, Ph.D, Program Manager/Raytheon, Owner/Randy Brevard Holdings

The Cobbs have written a leadership book that is easy to read with practical, apply it right now, techniques. This book is chock full of tips, techniques, and best practices in leadership that will be of value to new leaders of any generation. Their “Skinny” Principles, shared in each chapter, will undoubtedly be earmarked and highlighted by readers and referred to regularly. This book is a MUST READ for new leaders. Plus, leaders who have been in their role for a while will likely also find a nugget or two to take away and apply.
— Gina Abudi, MBA, President, Abudi Consulting Group, LLC, Author: Implementing Positive Organizational Change: A Strategic Project Management Approach, J Ross Publishing, 2017

The book is EXCEPTIONAL & definitely a must read!!!! The principles are helping me transition from “managing” my team at my organization to “leading” my team.
— Glori Allen, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Information Systems Training Manager.

“Charlotte and Earl are leaders and can teach leadership; a rare combination. The SMART Leader should hold a prominent place in your professional library.”
— Jim Grigsby, President/CEO Jim Grigsby Consulting

“Master Teachers is my description of these authors. The SMART Leader is a must read for all leaders; especially for generations of future leaders.”
— Selma C. Dean, ED.D. , Pastoral Counselor, Educator, Inspirational Speaker

“An excellent read! Concise and to the point”
— Rhonda Culver, Owner/ Broker, Culver Realty

"Mr. Cobb has captured the pure essence of Leadership in this work. His broad based experience guides his insight in every topical area.”
— Albert L. McHenry, Ph.D., Emeritus Faculty, Arizona State University

“As major transitions in the world are transpiring, leadership requires a broader and deeper understanding of today’s organizations and the individuals that lead them. The SMART Leader and the “Skinny” Principles proffers that leaders are expected to act and think differently, not just to survive, but to thrive in this changing organizational landscape.” For some, these changes are exciting, exhilarating, and long overdue. But for many in the organizational hierarchy, the breadth of new challenges appears enormous. In this book, story-telling is used as a medium which allows the reader to engage and see themselves in the story. Through this journey, they build confidence in attitude, actions, and skills to succeed.”
— Rufus Glasper, Ph.D., President and CEO, League for Innovation, Chancellor Emeritus, Maricopa Community Colleges

“Busy leaders need practical guidance and an easy to follow format which is what this book provides. The authors have culled their years of experience and in a story format. By doing so, they have provided a path for leaders to follow. I hope others may benefit from their expertise and apply the “Skinny” Principles to their respective paths. Kudos!”
— Dr. G. Mick Smith, Executive Regional Director, Challenger School Foundation

“I have a shelf full of leadership books. With rare exceptions, those books don’t really help anyone lead in the real world. But, Earl and Charlotte’s new book, “The SMART Leader, sure does. If you only get one book on leadership this year, make it this one. Simple and insightful guidelines, and stories that stick. You can’t beat it!”

– Doug Russell, Financial Coach and Author of “Every-Day Living: Memories of a Family from Blaine, North Carolina”.

Doug Russell

“Written from practical experience and success. An inspiration!” Robert Bunnett, Chief Operating Officer, Logistic Specialties, Inc.

Robert Bunnett

About the Authors and Their Work

In addition to having an extensive and highly respected background in corporate, entrepreneurial and governmental leadership, Earl and Charlotte are also widely recognized as two of the nation’s rising-stars among self-improvement, relationships and inspiration authors, lecturers and speakers.

The collective seriousness and wit of their written and professional coaching work has been described as perfect for “those seeking personal & professional career growth and life enrichment but not quite ready for Dr. Phil or have the time to absorb the expertise and teachings of John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard”.   Earl and Charlotte have been married and have worked together for over 37 years. Collectively, they have authored and published ten other books. They live in Arizona.

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